Welcome to The Beard Bros Games. We offer products and support for a variety of hobby and collectible games, including collectible trading card games, miniature warfare games, role-playing games, and board games. Our shop hosts formal and informal game sessions with different games featured each night.

We offer pre-orders of new releases at competitive prices. Come by to purchase cards, miniatures, sleeves, paint, or anything else to fill your gaming needs, or stick around to play a game in a friendly, welcoming environment, learn something new, or hone your skills in one of your favorite games.


New Releases

This is where information about new releases will be posted. Please check back.

Battle Reports

Invitation to EDH — An MTG Format

Here at The Beard Bros Games we play a variety of different hobby games, collectible games, and board games. One of our favorite formats for playing Magic: The Gathering, is “EDH,” also known as “Commander.” It is a wonderful format for multi-player games, and it provides an opportunity to play many fantastic cards that are impracticable for …




At The Beard Bros Games our mission is to create an all-inclusive environment for all gamers to play together. We play a variety of Trading Card Games, Tabletop Miniature Games, and Board Games.

The shop is near the corner of Western and Anaheim in Harbor City. Come by and play.

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